Round Liner // Cartridges Tattoo Needles

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#10 Bugpinpin = 0.30 mm

#12 = 0.35mm Taper: Regular

Long Taper (RL) Medium Taper (RLMT)

Extra Long Taper-Tight (RLLT)


Original Filter Cartridge Tattoo Needles Round Liner #10 0.30 mm bugpin Membrane System Needles for Cartridge Machine Grip 10pcs/lot

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FILTER Cartridges are the economic version MEMBRANE system cartridge needles for the professional tattooist with quality assurances.

Feature :

1.Compatible with most types cartridge system machines and grips.

2.100% EO Gas Sterilized and Individually packaged

3.Needles made of surgical stainless steel

4.Medical grade plastic tips

5.Needles made of surgical stainless steel

6.Pack of 10 needles