Unlimited Lettering Tattoo // Brushset Pack

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Lettering Tattoo // Brushset Pack for Procreate

It's incredibly simple, thanks to this new Tattoo Brushset you can create unlimited chicano lettering. You can also use this pack to create tattoo logos

In this pack these are 5 SET of Brushes specially designed for make Chicano Lettering Tattoo.

This pack includes:

  • 166 x Stamps Letters & Brushes
  • 2 x Capitals Set
  • 1 x Lowercases Set 
  • 1 x Underlines Set (31 brushes)
  • 1 x Punctuation Set
  • 1 x Numbers Set
  • 1 x Guide lines Set
  • 1 x Chicano Lettering Brush
  • + evolution of the Pack 

Each set is original and created by the Tattoo Artist, Haris Jonson



  • iPad Pro or iPad
  • Apple Pencil (or a pen that supports pressure sensitivity)
  • Procreate Version 5.0 and higher (App)

If you have lower version, let's just make updates. 

This product and copyrighted*This brush is sold with Commercial use

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